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History: LVH company was founded in 1982. The firm was originally a subsidiary of an aluminium plating company. But it is a privately owned independent company since 1991 in which year the current management took over the business. The company’s core business does always consist of designed and specialized Electropaint products and production processes. Technology: Electropainting – also known as E-coating, Electrophoretic painting and Electrocoating – is a method of “lacquer” type coating on various metals by applying paints or using electrical energy.

The point is the ability to apply controlled and consistent coating thickness on complex characteristic shapes. Among the main areas of use are the anti-corrosion primer paint layer applications for cars. But there are also coatings and applications on other consumer items ranging from six meter long aluminium sections, to small pieces of jewellery.


Management and LVH staff have been involved in every field of the Electropaint technology since 1972. This is constantly expanding and a unique store and LHV provide the market experience.

The company’s applications are:

  • For architectural aluminium
  • High-performance systems.
  • For bathroom and kitchen fixtures and other electrical appliances, doors, windows and electrical equipment
  • Decorative protective coatings.
  • For automotive small parts.
  • Protective and functional coatings.
  • For storage of specialized collectibles.

Continuous research and development maintains the leadership of our Company in the market. We currently have the most advanced “hard coating” Electropaint system based on LVH nanocomposites. This product sets new standards of durability for the “ZETACLAD” serial coated hardware elements. In addition, the ever-developing LVH state of the art UV-LED light-curing technology operates on an extremely low energy consumption level. Supply and distribution: All our products are manufactured according to the ISO9000 procedures in our Coleshill factory near Birmingham in the UK. Product sales are supported worldwide through authorized technical distributors.